FFGF – Songs for the Memories!

Whilst still in holiday mode, I’ve got a few songs lined up for the FFGF which I’ll always associate with my trips away.

The earliest (song) memory I have is staying at a farmhouse in Devon when I was 11. It was the summer before I went up to secondary school, and in my little room was a sink with green froggy tiles ( I wish I had pictures of this). I clearly remember one afternoon we were just chilling out in the cottage and I was sat in my room listening to the radio when this came on :

Now, I’ve got you a little bit more relaxed we’re going to fastforward to when I was 15 and we went to Spain. This wasn’t one of my favourite holidays for many reasons, but on the positive side, it was where I was introduced to Memoirs of a Geisha, which I’d found in a second hand book shop.

Whilst reading said book, in our apartment, we were interrupted by the sounds of the house band Apple murdering this song :

I can no longer hear this song without thinking back to this holiday, as it was sung every night by this band.

A couple of years later, when I was 17 I went on holiday with my then boyfriend and his friends to Ibiza, and all we could hear playing was this :

Yep, right and along to our final song of the day. On our honeymoon the hotel had a resident singer in the piano bar. I have got to give credit to this girl, the hotel was primarily Italian but as there were a few British guests she learnt some English songs to entertain us. Mr H and I listened to her practice one afternoon as she learned from YouTube a few songs. Unfortunately, her intonation on the song was all out, and she genuinely sounded surprised when she felt like a woman :

Hope you had a few giggles watching some of these videos, do you have any holiday memories attached to songs?


Yellow Alert!!!!!

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The Midlands have been issued with a Yellow Alert for the current weather conditions.

This doesn’t bode well for my current brolly which is already on it’s last legs.

It also isn’t good news for my friends currently at Download – fingers crossed they don’t get swept away by the wind and rain!

So facing my umbrella’s impending demise, I picked my top ten from around the interwebs :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Umbrella Sources :

1 – Totes Grey Leopard Mini Umbrella – £10

2 – Lulu Guinness Birdcage – £32

3 – Lisbeth Dahl Carnival Candy – £28.95

4 – Cath Kidston Tiny Mini Folding Umbrella Spot Grey – £20

5 – Galleria Art Print Walking Length Umbrella Cathedral – £28

6 –  Dashing Red – £14.75

7 – Galleria Art Print Walking Length Umbrella Paris – £25

8 – Modern Victorian Lace Black – £17.35

9 – Vision Star – £8.95

10 – Fulton Umbrella  Eliza Confetti Spots – £30

11 – Totes Vintage Style Umbrella with Scooped Edge – £18

So which one do you think I should get?

FFGF – Lil Zombie

So irresponsible but so funny. Especially as Leicester isn’t prepared for a zombie invasion!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Jubilee Weekend Highlights

Back to real life after the four day weekend (thankee ma’am!).

Saturday was spent pottering in Hinckley, and having lunch in an awesome little cafe.

This was the best hazelnut hot chocolate ever! I secretly think they used molten Nutella in the bottom *drools*

Mr H’s Chicken and Bacon Salad

Some of the decor at Sovrano

Mr H’s Coffee something or other

My Emmental, Ham and Mushroom Crepe

We then passed a second hand furniture store and for the princely sum of £25 walked out with two new desks for the study and a filing cabinet all in matching beech.

I also finished my Jubilee Rose Fairy Cakes, and yes, I did make them that vivid a pink icing (whoops!)

On Sunday my parents came over for lunch at the Windmill Inn. We then popped into Leicester where I picked up a new dress naturellement. (I promise to post a pic once I’ve styled it up a bit, and fixed the bra gape).

Come Bank Holiday Monday we were all ready for the fair in our local park, which quite frankly was a bit of a let down. However, we were present for when the beacon got lit. And then we hightailed it home cos it was bloody freezing!

My very first ice cream oyster

And then the final day of our weekend we went for a walk around Market Bosworth. I wished I’d had the camera as it felt like walking through the Lost World in parts where it was so overgrown, but I forgot to put it on charge.

So that was our weekend, how did you spend yours?

Saturday at Sovrano Caffe

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Italian hazelnut hot chocolate at our soon-to-be new haunt

Friday Feel-Good Factor

As a weekly thing I just wanted to share something that has made me smile over the week, to get you in the right mood for the weekend.

And as it’s the Jubilee/Bank Holiday weekend and we have four days off from work here is what we love in Britain :

Please note, I do not endorse T-Mobile in any shape or form, I just happen to like the video