FFGF – Warning This Could Seriously Impair Your Work Day

Happy Friday everyone!

At some point in our lives, we have all received a chain email of some description. Or in this case “You Must See This” via Facebook.

I would like to curse the person who brought this livestream footage into my life, and hug them also.

You can curse me and hug me later.



… and some glowsticks

Just working out what my festival essentials are going to be for Festwich this weekend.

It’s not a stay over kind of festival, so I don’t need to worry about sleeping gear, and I can’t bring any food with me as it’ll be confiscated at the entrance

So far I’ve got  from L-R:

Festival Kit

  • Makeup – tinted lip balm, tinted moisturiser, eyeliner, waterproof mascara
  • Hand sanitiser, loo roll and surface sanitiser – leaves portaloo seats minty fresh!
  • Hankie
  • Necklace and watch
  • Ear plugs
  • and some glowsticks!


Wet weather gear

Fleece and gloves

Cold weather gear

I’m also taking a camera, bin liners, med kit, picnic blanket, picnic cushion, money, phone etc

Festival Outfit

I’m planning to wear a pretty dress, jersey cardigan, pashmina and tights with a pair of walking boots (I didn’t say I would look glamorous from top to bottom!)

Also as you can see in the photo, my pashmina is a bit mangled. Repeat after me : I will not put a pashmina in the washing machine.

What are your festival essentials? Have I forgotten anything?

Yay for Bank Holidays!

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I hope you’ve all had a great Bank Holiday, I am currently relaxing after an awesome weekend, with the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on in the background. Btw, is it normal for the Australians to be singing Kylie?

Anyhoo, back to this weekend. Mr H and I had intended to get away camping this weekend but left it a bit too late, so we decided to have a backyard campout.

We then ended up with Rainbow Girl, Buddy and Friar Tuck joining us.

The Backyard Campout Crew

This is Mr H with an early birthday present.

Scrumpy win!

Mr H and Buddy played chicken with my poi.

How to play chicken with poi

We put the chimnea on and discovered that vegetable crisps are very flammable, and that Texan BBQ pringles smell of meat when burned.

Flaming parsnips!

When it got completely dark, I remembered we had some sky lanterns given to us at Christmas (wire free so safe for the bovine population!) and here was the result (apologies for the bad language)

Sky Lanterns – Aug Bank Holiday 2012

I also lit some luminarias – so pretty

Starry luminarias

And then (at some point this morning) we turned in

Tent City

What did you do for the Bank Holiday?

FFGF – Bom Bom

It’s that Friday feeling folks and as mad as this song is, I can’t get it out of my head. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend everyone!

Now, repeat after me and Lady Ooo, I’m the cat with the bass and drum …

Public Service Announcement – Academic Diaries

Posted On 23/08/2012

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I’m currently looking for a suitable academic diary and whilst wandering through Waterstones yesterday, I found this little gem


The Palgrave Student Planner is perfect for a new uni student, it doesn’t just have the usual calendar etc inside, it also has a guide to life for the student who’s away from home for the first time.

It has info on landlords, budgeting, the UK rail network, places to record your marks, tutor contact details and office hours and all sorts of other useful life skills.

To get a sneaky preview, Amazon has a Look Inside function : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Palgrave-Student-Planner-2012-2013-Skills/dp/0230362478/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1345708947&sr=8-1

If you know someone who is starting University in the next few months and you want to get them a going away present, get them this Planner – it is awesome!

Please note : I am not being sponsored by this product to endorse it, this is all my own opinion



It seems like I’m doing a lot of waiting at the moment, and patience is a virtue I don’t appear to have.

Old picture, but still waiting

Our conservatory roof which was supposed to have been fixed on the 17th has been postponed indefinitely, so everytime it rains we have to mop up the indoor paddling pool.

Although I was told it could take this long, I am still waiting to hear about my Credit Transfer with the Open University. I want to know now *pouts*

I had intended to do a Great British Bake Off Challenge, but this flipping cold all but wiped me out this weekend, so that’s on hold for the moment.

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood – Great British Bake Off

And so on and so forth. can anyone give me any tips for improving my patience?

Saturday Feel Good Factor

Sorry I’m a day late. In between fending off a head cold (and losing) and the crazy days at work I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. However, it has meant I could post this sight from today :


I thought we’d gone to Market Harborough to meet my parents, but it appears not. Wish I could have met Bogdan though! Have a great remaining heatwave weekend.

It’s almost over!

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I admit I still haven’t got Olympic fever, but last night I sat down and voluntarily watched the final of the men’s diving. O … M … G!

Let’s set aside the expected here (very fit men in teeny, weeny trunks), I was stunned by the performances they were putting in, especially by Tom Daley who won the Bronze.

But nothing quite prepared me for this gem I found online this afternoon :

And, I shall definitely be watching the Closing Ceremony tonight, bring on the Muse!

FFGF – Ey’ up! We’re winnin!

Being at least 25% Yorkshire, I was well chuffed to hear this week about the Yorkshire domination of the Olympic medal table.

Although I haven’t quite caught Olympic fever – it is still amazing how well we’ve done this past fortnight, and we’ve still got the Paralympics to go!

So for those who haven’t heard the story – the county of the White Rose has produced several medallists, which, if the county was ranked against other countries, puts them around 12th.

Here’s for the People’s Republic of Yorkshire!!!!

Pinning Crazy

Posted On 05/08/2012

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I’ve been going a bit mad on Pinterest this afternoon – planning out the nursery for the umpteenth time – but at least we’ve got a quote for carpet in the nursery. We’re getting there!

Anyone have any ideas I can add to the boards? http://pinterest.com/snowflakebrit/

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