Back in July 2012, I finally made the decision that I would be going back to University.

I enrolled with the Open University on the BA Hons Open Degree and I begin my studies February 2013.

The plan is to graduate the year I turn 30, which at the time of writing this is, is just under 4 years away. Eek!

I managed to use credits I had previously accrued from my first year at uni when I was 18, so I only (?!) have 270 credits left to achieve in that time.

To make it easier for me to understand, this is the plan at the moment for the courses :


  • L120 – Ouverture – Intermediate French – 30 credits
  • L211 – Envol – Upper Intermediate French – 60 credits
  • L310 – Mises au Point – Advanced French – 60 credits
  • A215 – Creative Writing – 60 credits
  • A363 – Advanced Creative Writing – 60 credits

Below are all the posts relating to the Open University and my journey to Graduation.

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