Quick Cake – Malteaser Teaser Cake Trial

Posted On 26/03/2013

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I love Malteasers, so much so that I wanted a Malteaser cupcake for my upcoming birthday.

After posting this photo on Facebook earlier to several comments, I give you the Malteaser Teaser Cupcake Trial :


This isn’t a full recipe as I didn’t take any pictures whilst making it, but it’s pretty straightforward.

For the cakes I used the Betty Crocker Chocolate Swirl Cake Mix. I made the mix according to the recipe and then put the vanilla mix into my Mini Sandwich Cake Tin, and topped each filled tin with a blob of the chocolate mix.

Cakes were baked until done and then topped with a malty chocolate buttercream and a Malteaser.

Malty Chocolate Buttercream Recipe

  • 75g Stork margarine
  • 175g Icing sugar
  • 30g ish of melted milk chocolate
  • 1tbsp ish of Horlicks drink powder

Cream the butter, then add the icing sugar gradually into the butter. Add the melted chocolate and mix. Finally, add the Horlicks to taste and mix.

The verdict?

It looks quite pretty, but I’m not too sure on the taste quite yet. I may have to pick another cake to try for my birthday.


Jubilee Weekend Highlights

Back to real life after the four day weekend (thankee ma’am!).

Saturday was spent pottering in Hinckley, and having lunch in an awesome little cafe.

This was the best hazelnut hot chocolate ever! I secretly think they used molten Nutella in the bottom *drools*

Mr H’s Chicken and Bacon Salad

Some of the decor at Sovrano

Mr H’s Coffee something or other

My Emmental, Ham and Mushroom Crepe

We then passed a second hand furniture store and for the princely sum of £25 walked out with two new desks for the study and a filing cabinet all in matching beech.

I also finished my Jubilee Rose Fairy Cakes, and yes, I did make them that vivid a pink icing (whoops!)

On Sunday my parents came over for lunch at the Windmill Inn. We then popped into Leicester where I picked up a new dress naturellement. (I promise to post a pic once I’ve styled it up a bit, and fixed the bra gape).

Come Bank Holiday Monday we were all ready for the fair in our local park, which quite frankly was a bit of a let down. However, we were present for when the beacon got lit. And then we hightailed it home cos it was bloody freezing!

My very first ice cream oyster

And then the final day of our weekend we went for a walk around Market Bosworth. I wished I’d had the camera as it felt like walking through the Lost World in parts where it was so overgrown, but I forgot to put it on charge.

So that was our weekend, how did you spend yours?