FFGF – Songs for the Memories!

Whilst still in holiday mode, I’ve got a few songs lined up for the FFGF which I’ll always associate with my trips away.

The earliest (song) memory I have is staying at a farmhouse in Devon when I was 11. It was the summer before I went up to secondary school, and in my little room was a sink with green froggy tiles ( I wish I had pictures of this). I clearly remember one afternoon we were just chilling out in the cottage and I was sat in my room listening to the radio when this came on :

Now, I’ve got you a little bit more relaxed we’re going to fastforward to when I was 15 and we went to Spain. This wasn’t one of my favourite holidays for many reasons, but on the positive side, it was where I was introduced to Memoirs of a Geisha, which I’d found in a second hand book shop.

Whilst reading said book, in our apartment, we were interrupted by the sounds of the house band Apple murdering this song :

I can no longer hear this song without thinking back to this holiday, as it was sung every night by this band.

A couple of years later, when I was 17 I went on holiday with my then boyfriend and his friends to Ibiza, and all we could hear playing was this :

Yep, right and along to our final song of the day. On our honeymoon the hotel had a resident singer in the piano bar. I have got to give credit to this girl, the hotel was primarily Italian but as there were a few British guests she learnt some English songs to entertain us. Mr H and I listened to her practice one afternoon as she learned from YouTube a few songs. Unfortunately, her intonation on the song was all out, and she genuinely sounded surprised when she felt like a woman :

Hope you had a few giggles watching some of these videos, do you have any holiday memories attached to songs?


Let me know what you think!

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