So who is Mrs H?

Mrs H is a mid-twenties English girl, one year into marriage, and waiting for the next step in my master plan to come to fruition.

Feel free to contact me at mrshpresents@live.co.uk


I am a Kentish girl by birth but was brought up in the rainy epicentre of the North – Bolton. I moved down to Birmingham for university, and stayed, to be with my now husband Mr H. Two years ago we made the move to Leicester, bought our first house, and got married.

Now one year into marriage, we are working on the next part of our lives together …


It’s no secret, I love to bake, and I will be sharing my successes (and disasters)

I also love to organise and make lists, wear socks with penguins on, and eat my own body weight in ice cream (haven’t quite done that last one yet though!)


I do like to laugh, doesn’t everyone? In fact, one of the guys I report to at work says he knows if I’m in because my laughter drifts down the corridor … whoops!


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Let me know what you think!

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