24 to Go

Some of you may have followed me over here from my first blog 24 to Go, which charted my escapades as I attempted to complete a list of 25 things before I turned 26.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get it all done, but I am still working on items from the list.

Without further ado, here is my list of 25 Things to Do Before I’m 26.

  1. Start writing a blog and maintain it – Check
  2. Learn to sew – Check
  3. Learn how to parallel ski
  4. Welcome a furbaby into the house
  5. Finish off decorating the bedroom
  6. Eat meals at the dining table – Check, ish
  7. Make and properly ice a cake – Check
  8. Start to write a novel – Check
  9. Read as many of the books from the Book List Challenge – Check
  10. Spend an evening on Chat Roulette
  11. See a West End show
  12. Be a member of a TV audience
  13. Make the perfect batch of cookies – Check
  14. Go on the highest rollercoaster in the country
  15. Create your family tree – Check
  16. Try an exotic food I cannot pronounce – Check
  17. Turn off my mobile for a week – Check
  18. Smile at 100 strangers – Check
  19. Cook a romantic meal at least once a month
  20. Learn how to complete one of the Advanced Poi Moves
  21. Finish my weight loss
  22. Stick a pin in the map and go on a road trip to get there – Tried to
  23. Get Christmas and birthdays organised
  24. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go – Check
  25. Relearn to speak French – Check

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