Resolutions for 2013

I decided this year not to make any resolutions as a lot of what I want to do with my life, aims and such I put into my 101 in 1001 list.

There are a few things I will/aiming to accomplish this year though from the list :

3 – Go on a road trip

We will be going to France this summer camping, and going on our first road trip!

9 – Finish decorating the bedroom

We are nearly there now, and I want to try and get it sorted before my degree gets underway, if not, it will be November before it gets done!

11 – Have Christmas all organised and ready to go in advance

This is going to be especially important as my exams will be in October – my normal Christmas prep period – and I would like to not have to be stressing about Christmas the same time as I try to remember basic rules of french grammar!

21 – Create a menu plan according to French Women Don’t Get Fat and 27 – Shop seasonally for at least four months

Already started this as part of a healthy start to the year

35 – Restart my degree

35 - Restart my degree

35 – Restart my degree

Countdown to 2nd February!

37 – Learn how to park in the Honda

The Honda is poorly at the moment, so this may not be needed, but if it recovers I need to get on top of this before I have to travel for a tutorial. Not being able to reverse park in the leviathan is embarrassing!

45 – Organise paperwork
I will be finishing this task this weekend in order to prepare my desk space for OU study.
54 – Cross a glacier on foot
I had forgotten about this until just now, but I may be able to do this when we go camping …
59 – Go to a comedy club
We will definitely be doing this as we were given a voucher for dinner and a comedy night at Jongleurs by my brother and sister in law.
69 – Tidy up my eyebrows
This will be a birthday treat as I swear they are trying to take over my face!
70 – Grow my hair out
It’s now just below my shoulders, and I’ve got another 8 inches to go.
Wow, 12 items and I still have more which will be done at some point this year. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t do resolutions?
Whilst I chew on all this, I’ll leave you with the promise for my first Bake of the Month post coming up this weekend – Baizelnut Muffins.

Welsh Catchup

So as I mentioned previously, we went to Wales a few weekends ago for Mr H’s birthday.

Predictably, the weather was all over the place but we did have a good time (this included playing a 1978 edition of Game of Life)

On Saturday, Rainbow Girl and I were taken on a personal tour of the local area :



The Honey Ice Cream Factory!!!!!

Dolgoch Falls

This is the point where no more pics were taken on my camera until the following day ( I was too busy cooking and cake making!)

I did finally get to make Mr H a birthday cake (only taken him 7 years to let me loose!) which was a beautiful Chocolate Whiskey cake decorated with an Oreo crust and a mini campfire!

Photos courtesy of Rainbow Girl

And here it is lit up:

For the cake recipe minus the decorations, please click here.

The view as we left the cottage.

#57 – Been to a Festival

Sorry this post is a bit late, Mr H has gone away for work so everything has slid a bit.
Anyhoo, this weekend I crossed No. 57 off my 101 list.

Mr H and I (with other reprobates) went to Festwich in Manchester, and believe it or not, I got sunburnt?! Nope, I’m struggling to believe it too!

Festwich is a rock tribute band day festival, which featured Higher On Maiden, A Whole Lotta DC, Megadeth UK, and my personal favourite Bon Giovi.

I have to admit that the only band I was interested in was the Bon Jovi tribute, who were the headliners and boy did they rock. I sang my heart out (mainly because I knew all their songs!)

We were supposed to have gone to Sunday but I wasn’t feeling great, which was a shame as it was Arctic Patrol and other indie cover bands! Humph!

Anyhoo, here are a few pics from the day – and yet again – none of me. They must be on other peoples cameras.

Dolphin etched into condensation

Mr H looking happy (!)

Main Stage with the Guns n Roses Tribute

Going Back to School

So, as some of you may have seen on Facebook, I am going back to university.

I originally started a degree when I was 18, but for various reasons had to give it up after my First Year. Thanks to the Open University, however, I can count my First Year towards my degree and graduate in 4 years, not 6.

This also means that the year I turn 30 I should (fingers crossed) graduate – I can see muchos celebrations that year!

Now, I’m going to take advantage of the Back to School sales (really folks, we’ve only just sent them on holiday?!?!)

Busy, busy, busy

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, everything seems to have just got in the way.

So what I have been upto for the past month and a bit?

I joined Mr H on a work trip to Keswick.

Mr H and I on Walla Crag overlooking Derwent Water

I went to the Physics Summer Ball in my pretty new 50s dress

Apologies for the quality – mobile phone camera is, well, crap

We had a week off house sitting for my parents, and spent a day being a tourist in Cambridge and went on a Brewery Tour.

We were supposed to be cat sitting – but Webster didn’t survive the heatwave

We had an unbelievable hailstorm which turned our conservatory roof into a giant cheese grater.

Our conservatory roof aka the Cheese Grater

Saw Garbage live for the very first time

As well as all the other bits of work I’ve had to do, however, I am back and ready to get back on the blogging horse!