Bake of the Month – Baizelnut Muffins

Apologies this post is so late in coming. I was planning on writing it when I left work early last Friday due to the snow, but it took me 5 hours to get home so that went out of the window!

But now, this is the inaugural post on my brand new laptop – yay for being back in the 21st century!

Onto the post. As a new feature for 2013, I will be doing a Bake of the Month which will usually be themed on what is going on in my life at the time.

January’s Bake of the Month is my personal favourite Baizelnut Muffins (whilst thinking of the ingredients I needed on the way to work I had a brain fart and the name for these bits of heaven was born!) These muffins are a Hazelnut Baileys Muffin topped with a Nutella buttercream and just the perfect gooey winter warmer for those of us who had the best intentions but have already forgotten about them (raise your hands, you’re not the only one!)

Now for the how-to :

I amended the recipe found here, substituting the packet of vanilla sugar for 1tsp vanilla extract, used 80g chocolate chips instead of 40g cranberries and 40g chocolate pieces, and added Hazelnut Baileys.

Whisk the sugar, vanilla extract and eggs until slightly frothy.


Mix in the sunflower oil, followed by the Baileys.P1070321

I mixed in the flour and baking powder until just combined.P1070322

Then I added the chocolate chips, in hindsight I should have either folded these in or added them once the batter was in the muffin cases as they did sink to the bottom.P1070323

The batter was then poured into the muffin cases and put in the oven until fully baked.P1070324


Once they’d cooled I topped them with the Nutella buttercream recipe found here.