Response Post to Va-Voom Vintage: My Early Style

As mentioned in Brittany’s post, our sense of style is shaped and evolved by celebrities, books and movies and therefore constantly changing.

I am getting to a point now where I think I know what my personal style is, because so far it’s been a bit eclectic!

My teenage years were a bit of a rollercoaster, as I think it was for most of us!

My first year of secondary school was spent head to toe in Adidas as the townie-esque craze swept through. Then I saw this :


Oh how I wanted to be Fairuza Balk’s character Nancy, minus the insanity bit of course. And here ushered in my gothic tendencies. Non-uniform days made for amusement as I rocked up to school in black eyeshadow and lipstick.

Then this was sideswept this little lady.


I loved watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and hated not having Sky 1 so I had to wait until it came out on BBC2. I remember buying 3/4 length coats and thinking I was oh, so cool because I emulated Buffy’s style.

I think part of me wished I could have my own David Boreanaz, I had enough posters of him on my walls!

And finally, the reason behind that red hair :

engagement red

Yes, that red hair. The reason? Shirley Manson from Garbage. Version 2.0 is the album of my teenage years and I loved how cool she was and to me that equated with having amazing red hair.


I did enjoy being a redhead, but it is not worth 8 hours in the salon chair!

I (thankfully) don’t have may photos of me in my teenage years, but between these ladies and my love of Oriental clothing, I doubt I looked much like anyone else.

I’m the one with short hair and red top

And on a side note, this is not indicative of my current dress sense :

hen party

Who influenced your style and fashion?