Angry Insects and the Pudding Night

Posted On 27/01/2013

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Last night we went to a Pudding Club in my MILs village, with all puddings made by the local WI. Heaven!!!!

Imagine a long wall lined with tables groaning with over 30 different puddings, jugs of cream and custard and a crepes suzette stand down one end. I’m asking you to imagine this as I forgot to take a picture, whoops!

Over the course of the evening we were invited to try as many desserts as our stomachs could hold, buy tickets for the raffle and tombola, and take part in the quizzes.

Mr H and I did fairly well in the pudding stakes, as seen by the pictures below. My personal favourite was the Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumble, and I currently have two portions sat in my fridge for tonights dinner!

Pudding Night Collage

I walked away from the tombola with a GI cookbook, Coffee Mug set and a bottle of Irish Meadows (cheaper version of Baileys). Towards the end of the night we noticed a fellow table returning from the tombola stand and holding up a tube of Vagisil. After a bit of an investigation by our table mate, it turns out that there was also Strawberry flavoured lube, and a packet of condoms with a complimentary vibrating cock ring. After about five minutes of laughing so hard at this “prize” having been offered on the tombola, it turned out another person on that table had brought it from home to deliver it as part of their Secret Santa. Given that my MIL is part of the WI, I can tell you I was greatly relieved that the Secret Santa present had not come through the tombola (excuse all puns)

Now onto the Angry Insects. One of the quizzes was 25 cryptic clues posted around the room, each revealing a type of pudding. A lot of trading went on to discover the answers of No’s 4 (Scottish Regiments), 13 (Heavenly Kingdom Shapes) and 25 (Angry Insects). Can anyone guess them?

No. 4 – Scottish Regiments – Highlanders (never heard of this dessert)

No. 13 – Heavenly Kingdom Shapes – Paradise Squares – (again, never heard of this one either)

No. 25 – Angry Insects – Croissants or Cross Ants

After hearing the answer to 25, I would never have gotten it as I don’t pronounce it that way, but nee matter. The grand prize was a wooden spoon!