Our Trip to the Land of Honey aka Malta – Day 1

Posted On 02/05/2013

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This post is nearly a year overdue, but as we are gearing up for our next holiday, I thought I would look back at last years, which I never posted. Hmm, sorry. Thankfully, I kept a travel journal to help remember what happened.

So last May we had a big holiday to Malta. The weather was glorious although a little too hot for us.

But aside from that, it was fantastic! We definitely want to go back again and check out all the places we didn’t get to visit the first time around.

Our first day was so long, I didn’t sleep for the best part of 48 hours with all the travelling.The travelling was pretty uneventful, although a note to the family three rows ahead – if your child has already been ill on the flight, don’t feed him a double chocolate muffin, it wasn’t fair on the flight attendant to clean up that mess, nor the person who would next have to sit in that chair.


When we arrived at the hotel we were pleasantly surprised, although we take Trip Advisor reviews with a pinch of salt, we were a bit concerned but there was nothing to be worried about.

The best bit about our hotel? We got given our wristbands whilst we waited to check into our rooms. You know we went straight up to the pool bar!

Our room was huge and spotlessly clean, the only thing which let it down was the bathroom as it was a bit tired looking and the shower had very low pressure.

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We had a full lunch in the restaurant and the selection was huge : salads, antipasti, pasta, soup, meat and fishe dishes, and most importantly a gorgeous chocolate gateau and lemon meringue pie. (Apologies for the lack of pictures, but I’m sure you can imagine it)

The next day, and my next post will be Valletta, the capital.


Let me know what you think!

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