Welsh Catchup

So as I mentioned previously, we went to Wales a few weekends ago for Mr H’s birthday.

Predictably, the weather was all over the place but we did have a good time (this included playing a 1978 edition of Game of Life)

On Saturday, Rainbow Girl and I were taken on a personal tour of the local area :



The Honey Ice Cream Factory!!!!!

Dolgoch Falls

This is the point where no more pics were taken on my camera until the following day ( I was too busy cooking and cake making!)

I did finally get to make Mr H a birthday cake (only taken him 7 years to let me loose!) which was a beautiful Chocolate Whiskey cake decorated with an Oreo crust and a mini campfire!

Photos courtesy of Rainbow Girl

And here it is lit up:

For the cake recipe minus the decorations, please click here.

The view as we left the cottage.


3 Responses to “Welsh Catchup”

  1. alpheba

    Great photos!

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    […] We went to Wales to celebrate Mr H’s birthday. […]

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