#57 – Been to a Festival

Sorry this post is a bit late, Mr H has gone away for work so everything has slid a bit.
Anyhoo, this weekend I crossed No. 57 off my 101 list.

Mr H and I (with other reprobates) went to Festwich in Manchester, and believe it or not, I got sunburnt?! Nope, I’m struggling to believe it too!

Festwich is a rock tribute band day festival, which featured Higher On Maiden, A Whole Lotta DC, Megadeth UK, and my personal favourite Bon Giovi.

I have to admit that the only band I was interested in was the Bon Jovi tribute, who were the headliners and boy did they rock. I sang my heart out (mainly because I knew all their songs!)

We were supposed to have gone to Sunday but I wasn’t feeling great, which was a shame as it was Arctic Patrol and other indie cover bands! Humph!

Anyhoo, here are a few pics from the day – and yet again – none of me. They must be on other peoples cameras.

Dolphin etched into condensation

Mr H looking happy (!)

Main Stage with the Guns n Roses Tribute


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