It’s almost over!

Posted On 12/08/2012

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I admit I still haven’t got Olympic fever, but last night I sat down and voluntarily watched the final of the men’s diving. O … M … G!

Let’s set aside the expected here (very fit men in teeny, weeny trunks), I was stunned by the performances they were putting in, especially by Tom Daley who won the Bronze.

But nothing quite prepared me for this gem I found online this afternoon :

And, I shall definitely be watching the Closing Ceremony tonight, bring on the Muse!


2 Responses to “It’s almost over!”

  1. Stuart

    So it’s diving for the ladies and beach volley ball for the men?! Olympic fever yet?

    • mrshpresents

      Ha ha, yep I think it’s fair to say there’s something for everyone.
      I did enjoy the Closing Ceremony last night, although I missed the last hour because I needed my beauty sleep!

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