FFGF – We’re Preggers

In honour of the wave of pregnancies happening at work at the moment, this one’s for you ladies!


Have a great weekend, and enjoy the last of this heatwave!


5 Responses to “FFGF – We’re Preggers”

  1. marymtf

    Love your cartoons.
    I went back to school as an adult. It was a lovely experience. Except, of course that nobody offered me milk and biscuits (cookies) and a friendly ear when I got home.

    • mrshpresents

      Or a nap when you got in either!
      What did you study?

      • marymtf

        I took a writing and editing course. This is where I discovered that unlike any other course int he world where you get to be the thing that you study (nurse, doctor, teacher), I wasn’t going to come out the other end a qualified writer. 🙂

      • mrshpresents

        That sucks, I’m doing creating writing as part of my uni course but I don’t have any illusions about getting published – just a soft little daydream!

      • marymtf

        Thing is, Mrs H, that what I did discover was that the course enhanced whatever skills I did have (couldnt’ write novels for nuts). I also discovered that there are a whole lot of directions to take, including advertising, playwriting and writing for radio. Just find your niche. On the other hand you might discover that you are good at novel writing. Last, but not least, what I learned was that all the subjects linked into each other. You weren’t wasting your time doing a non-fiction subject, for example, just because you wanted to do fiction. You enjoy.

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