Cowpats, Flies and Pancakes

Posted On 25/07/2012

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Also known as Favourite Holiday Memories

Following on from Mondays post, I started thinking of all my favourite holiday moments and decided to share a few with you.

My fondest memories of a holiday are when I was about 9. We stayed at a cottage on a working dairy farm twice as it turned out.

At the time, I was dead set on being a vet so anything involving animals was major plus points in my book.

The farmer’s wife took me around with her and I got to go on a quad bike around the fields and look at all the cows. I also got to help out feeding the calves in the barns :

Feeding time

The farm cat was also very friendly and even brought us a present, which my dad then had to retrieve from behind the cooker!

This was also the holiday with the infamous bookshop incident …

My second favourite holiday was the last holiday I went on with just my parents and I. After my GCSEs were all done with, my parents took me to Amsterdam for a midweek break.

Where do I start?

When we landed at the airport we eventually managed to get onto a train, which was a double decker. We found some seats and were surprised by how plush it all was. We were then escorted back into Economy by the conductor as we had accidentally sat down in First Class!

We did the Pancake House and despite my mum trying to get me to be sensible and have a savoury pancake, I had the biggest pancake drenched in the maple syrup from the bucket on the table. (Nothing’s changed there then!)

After the bakery we visited the Anne Frank House. I very much regretted my shoe choice for this trip as I was in some rather high cork wedge mules with no ankle straps. If you have never been to the Anne Frank House, you go up into the rooms they lived in and then descend a narrow staircase into a reflection room of sorts with copies of the diary in its various translations. As you get to this point everyone is quiet and the mood is sombre. Cue Mrs H, as she misses the top step of the staircase and launches her shoes down the stairs whilst she slides down on her back to meet them.

My mother pretended not to know me.

Few years later, and I met Mr H. Our first week long holiday was to Waxham in Norfolk. We had just been given a second hand tent, which I think you’ll agree was pretty awesome :

See? Pretty!

It was a great holiday, the weather was sunny and warm all day and as we were sorting dinner out it would throw it down with a bit of thunder and lightening, and then dry up and be a nice evening.

But what made this holiday stand out for me was the flies. At first there were just a few flies, and we thought the sheep in the field next door was the cause. We bought flystrips and citronella coils to try and get rid of these beasties, to no avail.

One day we came back to find our sleeping area buzzing with about a hundred flies. We shooed them out and tried to find out why they were so attracted to the sleeping area and then we found the problem.

What we thought was mud on the groundsheet had in fact been chocolate fragments, left by the previous occupant. As we had slept in the tent, our body heat had melted it and made it a fly haven. After we cleaned it out the flies were still a bit confused, so we had to move our tent to leave them behind.

However, to make things simpler, we just picked up a leg of the tent and “walked” it across the field. I wish we’d had a picture of this.

So what are your favourite holiday memories?


Let me know what you think!

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