Why Mrs H Can’t Go On Holiday for More Than 10 Days

Posted On 23/07/2012

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With the current heatwave reminding me of our holiday in May, I thought I would treat you to some of my other holiday memories.

A little known fact about me is that I cannot go on holiday for more than 10 days without disastrous results. Mr H, and as I am sure many of you, did not believe in my curse and we duly booked a fortnight skiing in Breckenridge a few years back.

Day 1 – we decide to go out and get our ski legs after dealing with the altitude sickness. We ended up going down a run which I was not up to the level of, due to misinformation. After gaining speed on the slope and unable to control my descent, I tried to turn and ended up doing a 180 and faceplanting into the mountain, losing consciousness for a few moments. (NB – This is why you need to wear a helmet when skiing!)

I then spent the first week of the holiday laid up with a sprained knee due to my graceful starfish in the snow.

Me on the Snowflake Run, week 2 of the holiday

This all started when I was little and on a trip to Menorca, cut my toe open. I still remember walking back up to the apartment trailing blood behind me.

The next family trip was to Bulgaria where I cracked my head open. I was at a children’s club at another hotel and there was a mass pillow fight on stacks of old sofas (gotta love health and safety?!?!?). Ironically I was actually getting down to protect my glasses when a sofa cushion came hurtling towards me and propelled me backwards onto a power box.

Me wearing a lovely (!) hat because I couldn’t get my hair wet after the accident

The next injury was chipping my tooth in Gran Canaria. The water slide in the resort was made of stone and I went down head first, emerging with a chunk missing from my front tooth.

Thankfully, we didn’t go on any more fortnight holidays so the curse was abated.

Although it appears, looking back, I always seem to have some sort of minor injury whilst I’m away – but the worst ones are in that 10 day plus holiday bracket.

Is anyone else as accident prone as I am?


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