We Backed the Hump!

So last night was Eurovision, and representing the UK was Englebert Humperdinck.

We invited some friends around and had ourselves a little Eurovision party, eating some Euro nibbles

and wearing Jedward masks (?!)

We had a great time scoring the acts, although our scores apparently didn’t mean anything when it came to it.

Sweden won with their Claudia Winkleman lookey likey and we had only given them 5/10! That was just for her MC Hammer dance.

The UK came last, and as this is not unusual for us, it makes you wonder why we enter year on year. Ah well, wonder who they’re going to dredge up for next year’s competition? We’ve had Blue, now Englebert. I dread to think.

On a side note, the Pizza Grannies definitely deserved to win!

Did anyone else watch the Eurovision? Were you surprised by the results?


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